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based in all locations (bne/mel/syd)

job id category job title details
FAS Cabin Crew Flight Attendants

based in bne/mel

job id category job title details
SEP-T Service, Standards & Capability SEP Flying Instructor (Internal Opportunity)

based in brisbane

job id category job title details
RA-T Commercial Revenue Analyst

based in melbourne

job id category job title details
OE Operations Performance Operations Engineer
AT-P Operations Performance Airline Technical Publisher
MC-E Engineering Maintenance Control Engineer
LMP-TT Engineering Line Maintenance Planner
AIR - TT Engineering Airworthiness Engineer
CET -T Airports & Customer Service Customer Experience Officer
737- MC Engineering 737 Maintenance Coordinator
CCLTC Service, Standards & Capability Cabin Crew Line Trainer & Checker (Internal Opportunity)
FO Flight Operations First Officer
B737 C-CPT Flight Operations Boeing 737 Captains
CCSEP Cabin Crew Safety Emergency Procedure Instructor

based in sydney

job id category job title details
BM Manager Base Manager



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