Free outdoor activities

The best free outdoor activities in Australia

Whether you're taking off to the tropics or spending the weekend in Sydney, Tigerair's video guide to Australia's best free outdoor activities has your next adventure sorted. Find out more and start planning your trip with us today!

Get back to nature

If you're keen to escape the big city and get back to nature, take the short trip from Sydney to the Blue Mountains. From the CBD, simply hop on a train to Katoomba and explore landmarks like the Three Sisters and the Scenic Skyway without breaking the bank.

Explore the coast

For more outdoor fun in Sydney, head to La Perouse and take a self-guided tour of Bare Island. Pack a bite to eat and enjoy lunch on the rocks before taking the short walk over to Congwong Beach for an afternoon dip.

Discover hidden rock pools

Tucked away in the tropical rainforests of Cairns, Babinda Boulders is a freshwater rockpool that offers visitors a much-needed place to swim during stinger season. After you've had a dip, be sure to check out the surrounding nature before heading back into town.

Take a tour of the tropics

Like Babinda Boulders, Josephine Falls is a top spot to cool off on a hot day in Cairns. And with stunning waterfalls just a short walk upstream, you don't want to skip this rainforest rockpool. From the water, head to the picnic area and fire up the coin-operated barbeques for a budget-friendly lunch in paradise.

Take epic travel photos

Lake Bumbunga may not be suitable for swimming, but this stunning pink salt lake is the perfect spot to take travel photos in South Australia. Snap a selfie with your mates from the shore or, if you've got the gear, send your drone up for a spectacular shot of the water from above.

Cool off on the coast

Just north of Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga Beach is a family-friendly swimming spot that has something for everyone. Surfers can find some swell past the break, fishermen and women can cast a line from the sand and, best of all, you and your mates can go whale watching for free from the headlands.

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