Flights from Melbourne to Cairns

Flights from Melbourne to Cairns

Home to a whole lot more than the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is the place to be in Far North Queensland. And, with multiple flights departing from Melbourne Airport every day, there's no reason to delay your tropical getaway any longer. Book flights from Melbourne to Cairns with us today.

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Preparing for your flight

To help make your departure hassle-free, there are a couple of things you can do ahead of your flight:

Baggage – Please be sure that your carry-on luggage is no heavier than 7kg. If you require a larger baggage allowance, you can Manage Your Booking online to avoid paying extra fees at the airport.

Checking in online – You can download a copy of your boarding pass up to three days before your flight using Web Check-in. At the airport, you can either present a printed copy or simply bring it up on your smart device.

Where we fly from

We currently fly to Cairns from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, with low price fares available throughout the year. To save even more on your flight to Cairns, check out our latest offers and book now.