Checking In

We have strict check-in times that must be adhered to. Please don't be late!

Web Check-in is a free check-in service available between 72 hours and 1 hour prior to your scheduled departure time.

If using a desktop computer or tablet for Web Check-in, you will be required to print out your boarding pass and bring this with you to the airport on the day of travel. Please note that photos of your boarding pass will not be accepted.

If using Web Check-in on a mobile device, you can now view and save your mobile boarding pass directly to your phone and simply show this when boarding your flight at the airport. Alternatively, you can also check-in via our Web Check-in on Desktop or tablet and email yourself the boarding passes. Please open the email and click the link on your mobile device to view your mobile boarding pass.

If you do not have access to Web Check-in prior to your flight, please visit an airport kiosk or one of our airport agents located in the check-in terminal of your departure airport. This service strictly closes 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. We recommend arriving at least 90 minutes before departure to avoid missing your flight.

If you have completed Web Check-in (checked-in online) and have checked baggage, you will need to visit the bag drop area before boarding. Domestic bag drop closes 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure so please allow enough time to complete this step.

If you have completed Web Check-in (checked-in online) and only have carry-on baggage, you can proceed straight to the gate. Please arrive at the boarding gate 30 minutes prior to departure for domestic travel.

Currently Web Check-in is not available for bookings with the below services

Any booking that has special assistance services required
Any booking that has an infant listed as travelling
Customers who are unable to Web-Check-in need to do so at the airport.

Please note that in any case, domestic airport check-in strictly closes 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. We recommend arriving 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure to avoid missing your flight as this will result in forfeiting your fare.

Mobile Boarding Passes

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Tigerair Australia is excited to announce that customers travelling on the tigerair domestic network can now use their mobile devices to check-in and board tigerair flights. Using our online Web Check-in service, customers who have flights within 72 hours can log in, add additional services such as cabin and checked baggage, queue jump, seat selection and then obtain a mobile boarding pass directly to their mobile device. If using an iPhone you can also save the boarding pass directly to the device wallet as a passbook boarding pass.

We have created a simple user guide to provide more detail on how this new product enhancement can help you travel.

  • What is a mobile boarding pass?

    A mobile boarding pass is a digital version of a paper boarding pass. Tigerair's mobile boarding passes will be available to customers via the web browser on their mobile phone or if using an iPhone or Android device they may save it in their device wallet.

  • What is Google Pay / wallet boarding passes?

    Google Pay / Wallet boarding passes are a digital boarding pass for Android and Apple devices. Once you have checked in, you can save your boarding pass to either device.

  • When can I get a mobile boarding pass?

    Mobile boarding passes can be created for your flight when using Tigerair Web Check-in on a mobile device. Web Check-in opens 72 hours prior to your flights departure.

    If you are to Web Check-in on a desktop or tablet you can still email the boarding pass to your email address. Please open the email on a mobile device and the click the link in the email to retrieve your mobile boarding pass.

  • Can I have my whole family on one mobile boarding pass?

    No, each individual customer will need to have and carry their own boarding pass. Infants will be listed on their parent/guardian boarding pass however, these will be supplied at the airport on the day of travel as Web Check-in services are not open to bookings with infants listed for travel.

  • Will my infant be on my mobile boarding pass?

    No, at this time Tigerair does not allow bookings with infants to use Web Check-in. This means all bookings with infants will need to be checked-in at the airport and therefore, are not eligible for mobile boarding passes.

  • Can I have multiple mobile boarding passes on one mobile device?

    Tigerair recommends that each travelling customer has their own copy of their boarding pass. Web Check-in can be performed for group bookings however, if you cannot print or store individual boarding passes, please see our friendly airport agents on the day of travel to have boarding passes printed. Please note airport check-in services strictly close 45 minutes before departure, please arrive early to avoid missing your flight.

  • Can I use the same mobile boarding pass for my outbound journey as my return?

    No, each mobile boarding pass will only be valid for travel on the flight specified on the mobile boarding pass.

  • What happens if I delete my mobile boarding pass from my iPhone/Android Device?

    You can log back into web check-in or the mobile application at any time and download a new copy of the mobile boarding pass.

  • Is Mobile boarding passes available via the Tigerair Mobile application?

    Yes, Both Android and Apple devices are supported to hold Boarding Passes. You can also save to your device using Google Pay or Apple Wallet.

  • Does tigerair charge for mobile boarding passes?

    No, Tigerair's mobile boarding passes are a free of charge solution just like our normal printed Web Check-in boarding passes.

  • My flight has been cancelled; will I automatically get a new mobile boarding pass?

    During a cancellation or disruption at the airport, our friendly airport agents will advise of the new flight details and supply new paper boarding passes to all customers in the event of disrupt management.

  • Will my mobile boarding pass show all of my Special Service Requests?

    Yes, all special service requests will be shown on both mobile boarding passes and passbook/wallet boarding passes.

  • What do I do if the battery on my mobile device runs out whilst at the airport?

    Any of our friendly airport agents can help print a new boarding pass if this is to happen. All you will need to do is advise them the flight number you are travelling on and provide photo identification.

  • What types of Mobile Boarding Passes will be accepted?

    Mobile boarding passes on both browser view and passbook will be accepted for travel on tigerair. Pictures of boarding passes whether mobile or paper will not be accepted for travel. If you only have a picture of your boarding pass, please see an airport agent and provide photo identification and the flight details and they will print you a new boarding pass.