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Tigertainment is Tigerair Australia’s wireless in-flight entertainment system that operates on a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) basis.

How does it work?

Tigertainment is Tigerair Australia’s wireless in-flight entertainment system that operates on a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) basis. We do not provide complimentary (or for hire) tablets onboard as all in-flight entertainment is accessed via your own device.

Our wireless in-flight entertainment product offering is available on selected domestic services operated by our Boeing 737-800 aircraft types. 



Content Packages


Everybody loves free stuff!

Tigerair Australia offers complimentary access to popular TV series and a variety of music for the full duration of your flight.

Tigertainment Guide April 2017

Tigertainment Guide March 2017


Connecting to Tigertainment

  1. Check below to see if your device is compatible.
  2. Download the latest TigerairAU app via the Apple App Store or Google Play prior to the final cabin door closing. TigerairAU will not be available for download after take-off.
  3. Connect to our WIFI network – “Tigerair Australia”. No password will be required.
  4. Open the TigerairAU application and select Tigertainment (in-flight entertainment).
  5. Explore and view the content.
  6. To watch our movies, Purchase a voucher from a cabin crew member for just $9AUD.
  7. Select your movie and enter your voucher number in the pop-up box.
  8. Enjoy unlimited access to Tigertainment!


Device Compatibility


Device Complimentary Content Premium Content
iOS iPhone 8.1 or later 8.1 or later
iOS iPad 8.1 or later 8.1 or later
Android 4.1 or later 4.1 or later
Windows Not Supported Not Supported
Note: All other devices are not compatible


How to Purchase Premium Content

  • On-board from one of our cabin crew



To make sure you don’t miss any of the action, please ensure your device is fully charged prior to the flight as our aircraft do not have charging ports on-board.

For audio and charging accessories available for purchase please refer to the tigershop menu on-board.


Terms and Conditions

1.Tigerair’s In-Flight entertainment system (IFE) may include content that is not suitable for everyone, While Tigerair has carefully selected the programmes made available on the IFE to ensure a wide variety of program choices, guests control their own devices and Tigerair accepts no responsibility for any footage shown on IFE programming which may be offensive or distressing to any guest. Guests using the IFE agree to shut their devices down if they find any content on the IFE offensive, or if content is likely to be offensive or distressing to other guests. The content may include MA15+ content, so: a.Unaccompanied guests under the age of 15 are not permitted to use the IFE system and cannot purchase a voucher to access paid content. b. Accompanied guests under the age of 15 may access the IFE system if a parent/guardian travelling with the accompanied guest or making the booking for the guest consents to the accompanied guest accessing the IFE. If we make the IFE available to an accompanied guest under 15 with a parent/guardian’s consent, that parent/guardian agrees that we are making the content available on behalf of, and as the parent/guardian’s agent and they acknowledge that the IFE content may include MA15+ content and consents to the guest under 15 viewing that content. Parents/guardians accept responsibility for monitoring the content viewed by children under the age of 15 years. c. If the parent/guardian does not consent to use of the IFE, the parent/guardian agrees to ensure that any device available to the guest who is under 15 is disabled so the guest cannot receive the content. 2. Tigerair will offer in-Flight entertainment (IFE) (complimentary and paid) on B737-800 aircraft. Content is for single viewing only and guests agree not to share devices. For instructions on how to access paid content, see above. Paid content is available for $9AUD per person per flight. Vouchers issued to allow access to paid content are for one use only. If you need to switch devices, please contact a crew member. 3. If you purchase paid content, that purchase is non-refundable unless we are required by law to give you a refund, or if the flight you purchased your voucher for is cancelled or schedule changed and meets the schedule change policy conditions that entitle you to a refund of that flight. In order to receive a refund you must request a refund of the IFE fee by contacting us via 4. Operation of the IFE system is dependent on certain hardware and software being operational, some of which is provided by third parties, so Tigerair cannot guarantee that the IFE system will be operational at all times. Tigerair is not responsible (i) for any interruptions to the service including, without limitation, those due to acts of nature, power failure, satellite signal failure or any other cause, (ii) if IFE is not available on a flight due to a technical fault or serviceability issues, or (iii) if a guest’s device is unable to connect to the Wireless IFE system. 5. Tigerair’s IFE programming schedules are available at but that schedule is subject to change at any time without notice. IFE content offered may not always match the content listed on our website. 6. There are no charging ports on-board and Tigerair is not responsible for charging devices. It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure the appropriate IFE application or software has been downloaded on the device and that the activation process is complete prior to boarding the aircraft. It is at the guest’s responsibility to ensure devices are charged sufficiently for the flight. 7. Guest’s using the IFE agree to comply with any and all directions from crew regarding the IFE, including instructions to shut down devices in circumstances reasonably required by Tigerair. 8. All flights are subject to our full terms and conditions; please refer to the fare conditions and conditions of carriage.

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