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  • Wednesday, 15. February 2017

    Tigerair Australia sincerely apologises to its valued customers who experienced a disrupted Bali service and has worked hard to do all it can to help minimise the inconvenience for them by fast tracking refunds and providing goodwill vouchers for future travel on the Tigerair network.

    Tigerair Australia has processed full refunds for all customers who booked directly through tigerair.com.au and were affected by cancellations relating to the airline’s decision to permanently cease flying to Bali.

    Goodwill vouchers for future travel on the Tigerair network have also been distributed over the past week to all affected customers.

    For customers who originally booked via tigerair.com.au and are yet to receive a refund or goodwill voucher, please submit your details at https://tigerair.com.au/customer-support-portal and our team will look into this as a matter of urgency.

    Customers booked through travel agents and third party providers are asked to contact their agent for more information if they have not received refunds or goodwill vouchers.

  • Saturday, 15. October 2016
    Total ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices

    From Sunday 16 October 2016, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices can no longer be carried on Tigerair Australia flights.

    This is due to safety concerns around the device and follows the implementation of a ban by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

    Effective 12:01am AEDT on Sunday 16 October, guests travelling on Tigerair Australia services must comply with this ban by not travelling with this device, whether on their person, in their carry on luggage or in a checked bag.

    The use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices is currently prohibited on all Tigerair Australia flights, and the complete ban announced today is an additional safety measure.

    We apologise for any inconvenience to our guests, but safety is always our number one priority.

  • Wednesday, 22. June 2016
    Sydney Airport revised pick-up arrangements

    Sydney customers please note a Sydney Airport revised pick-up arrangements.

    Three pick-up zones within the precinct are created:
    1. Express Pick-Up: 15-minutes free, located undercover at P3. Up to 700 spaces.
    2. Priority Pick-Up: $4 for 15-minutes, shared zone (public and pre-booked services). Located outside T2 and T3. 70 spaces.
    3. Kerbside Pick-Up: Available only to drivers registered under Sydney Airport BVRS. Located outside T2 and T3.
    4. Blu Emu Car Park to introduce one hour free parking.
    5. No changes to taxi ranks.
    6. No changes to bus and train access.

    Tigerair highly recommend you plan your trip ahead of time. Please don’t be late for your flight, we’re unable to wait for you.
    Thank you for your cooperation and for choosing to fly Tigerair.

  • Tuesday, 5. January 2016
    Small vehicle powered by lithium batteries

    Customers please note that lithium battery operated small recreational vehicles such as self balancing boards, hoverboards, aero wheels are not permitted as checked-in or carry-on baggage on Tigerair.

    For more information about prohibited items, please click here.

  • Monday, 7. December 2015
    Melbourne Airport

    A new bus interchange at Melbourne Airport

    A new undercover bus interchange will open from 30 November 2015, and will be located at domestic Terminal Four (T4) Melbourne Airport.

    The existing bus interchange located at Terminal 1 (T1) will no longer be in operation.

    The new T4 bus interchange provides direct access to the Tigerair terminal and is an approximate 5 minute walk.

    Bus Routes that will service the new T4 bus interchange:
    • Route 478: Airport West to Melbourne Airport
    • Route 479: Airport West to Sunbury via Melbourne Airport and return
    • Route 482: Airport West To Melbourne Airport (via South Centre Road)
    • Route 901: Melbourne Airport to Frankston (SMARTBUS Service)

    SkyBus, the 24-hour airport shuttle service, will continue to stop at T1 and T3.
    SkyBus runs express between Melbourne Airport and Melbourne's city centre, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service takes approximately 20 minutes to get from the airport to the city centre. Buses run every 10 minutes from 6am to 11pm and every 15 to 30 minutes at other times.
    For more information about SkyBus, visit skybus.com.au

  • Monday, 26. October 2015
    Melbourne Airport

    T4 pick-up and drop-off relocating to new transport hub

    The Tigerair Terminal 4 pick-up and drop-off zone will move to the new transport hub from Wednesday 28 October.

    Currently located on Service Road, south of T4, the pick-up and drop-off zone will be moved to the new multi-level transport hub across from the new T4.

    Visitors will drop-off passengers on level 1 where 36 bays have been allocated, along with two bays for vehicles carrying a person with a disability.

    On level 2, 18 bays have been marked-out for 1-minute public pick-up with an additional bay for picking up a passenger with a disability.

    In addition to the pick-up and drop-off zone, the seven level At Terminal 4 Car Park will also open next Wednesday 28 October. A total of 2,800 public car parking bays will be available across seven levels.

    The new transport hub also includes a bus interchange and taxi rank on the ground level. These will be operational from Monday 9 November.

    Construction on the transport hub started in late 2013. It will provide easier access to the new Terminal 4 for Tigerair passengers.

    *PLEASE NOTE: The existing T4 pick-up and drop-off area south of the T4 building on Service Road will close permanently from Wednesday 28 October.

    Getting to the transport hub

    From Tullamarine Freeway:

    • Exit at Mercer Drive
    • Turn right at Airport drive
    • In 650 metres, merge left onto the elevated entrance ramp
    • Proceed to the entrance on level 1

    From Sunbury:

    • Take the Airport exit
    • Proceed along Centre Rd over the Terminal drive intersection
    • Turn right into Grants Road
    • Turn right into the carpark
    • Proceed to the entrance on level 1

      Please note: to access the pick up and drop off zones from Sunbury, passengers must turn left on Apac Drive from Centre Road and then left on Airport Drive to access the transport hub ramp.

    From M80:

    • Exit at Airport Dve
    • Proceed along Airport Drive over the Apac Drive intersection
    • In 100 metres, merge left onto the elevated entrance ramp
    • Proceed to the entrance on level 1

    Please click here for further information

    Please click here for route map (attached)

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