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The Tigerair Australia team work hard to continually improve our customer service, our on time performance results and so much more. Please see below a list of key statistics that transparently display our overall performance. As always, we remain committed to safe, reliable and affordable travel with friendly service.



Tigerair Australia remains focused on putting our customers at the core of everything we do. We know that departing and arriving on time safely is important to our customers, and we are proud of our exceptional on time performance record and would like to share it with you.

Our efforts have been highlighted in recent times through a concerted effort in the area of customer satisfaction, including significantly enhanced punctuality performance and the introduction of a number of customer facing initiatives announced over the past 18 months as part of our continued transformation programme. In 2015, Tigerair had the best on time performance of the major domestic low cost carriers (84.6% for the calendar year for departures1). Last year, Tigerair also recorded the lowest cancellation rate of all major domestic airlines (0.9% for 20151) and was three times less likely to cancel than our key competitor on like for like routes.

All of our statistics for the below are drawn from the BITRE Airline On Time Performance Monthly Reports2.


2017 Operational Performance

Month On-time Departures Cancellations
April 77.4% 1.4%
March 67.0% 2.4%
February 67.0% 1.7%
January 77.5% 1.5%



2016 Operational Performance

Month On-time Departures Cancellations
December 74.6% 2.3%
November 72.2% 1.4%
October 81.5% 1.1%
September 84.7% 0.4%
August 89.1% 0.1%
July 77.4% 0.5%
June 82.7% 2.1%
May 87.5% 0.5%
April 90.6% 0.1%
March 82.1% 0.9%
February 93.0% 0.7%
January 84.3% 1.0%



2015 Operational Performance

Month On-time Departures Cancellations
December 81.9% 1.0%
November 82.9% 1.2%
October 86.8% 0.4%
September 86.9% 0.8%
August 88.3% 1.6%
July 80.4% 1.2%



1 Tigerair stats drawn from BITRE Aviation Domestic Airline On Time Performance 2015, Table 1, pg.3 at https://bitre.gov.au/publications/ongoing/files/BITRE_OTP_Report_2015.pdf.
2 Tigerair stats drawn from BITRE Airline On Time Performance Monthly Reports at https://bitre.gov.au/publications/ongoing/airline_on_time_monthly.aspx
4 76% of Tigerair customers indicated they were satisfied with their overall experience in the ‘Tigerair Domestic Customer Satisfaction April 2016 Survey’. Data has been collected and analysed by Colmar Brunton, a leading external Australian market research agency.


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