Delayed Damaged Baggage

Tigerair Australia makes every effort to safely deliver your bags to the relevant destination airport on time. In the event however, that this is not the case, you should report the delayed or damaged baggage to a member of the Tigerair Australia ground services team prior to leaving the airport. It is recommended baggage claims be dealt with before you leave the airport, so please provide details of your baggage and you will be offered assistance.

Tigerair Australia strongly recommends all passengers to have Personal Travel Insurance to cover the value of their baggage items since the liability of Tigerair Australia for such losses is limited by International Treaties where applicable (Please see the Air Carrier Liability for Passengers and the Baggage section below). To the extent permitted by law including the Australian Consumer Law, Tigerair Australia does not accept liability for fragile, valuable, perishable articles or baggage, which are packed in damaged or unsuitable containers.

If your baggage is delayed, Tigerair Australia will arrange for it to be delivered to the destination airport, within a reasonable period of time taking into account all relevant circumstances that exist at the time of travel.

You are responsible for any personal belongings you bring on board our aircraft or into airport terminal building.

We make sure that if an item was left on one of our flights, our staff place it as lost property at the airport it was located at. To help you locate your lost property, we have provided you with a list of airport contacts below. Please be advised that if an item remains unclaimed for more than 30 days, it is donated to a charity organisation.

Please refer to the conditions of carriage for further information.

You may also have additional rights to compensation under the Australian Consumer Law.





Coffs Harbour


Gold Coast





Sydney ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Australian Domestic Flights

If you should need to make a claim for damaged baggage, we strongly recommend you do this in writing within 3 days of your arrival. If your claim relates to the delay of checked baggage, please notify us in writing within 21 days of arrival. All claims for damaged or delayed baggage are to be addressed to:

tigerair Baggage Claims

Charles Taylor Aviation

PO Box 906, Terrigal

New South Wales 2260


Fax: 1800 243 473


Every such notification must be in writing and posted or delivered to us within the above periods. Please also notify your Travel Insurance Company before contacting Tigerair Australia. Please include the 'Property Irregularity Report' that will have been provided to you at the airport when you made the baggage report. Passengers should retain any damaged items until the claim has been finalised by either by the airline or the insurance company as well as all baggage receipts relating to the claim.

We aim to process all claims for damaged baggage within 28 working days. Tigerair Australia will continue to search for lost baggage for a period of 21 days from the date of reporting, after which time the bag will be deemed lost. As a result all claims for lost baggage will be processed within 28 working days.

Passengers are advised not to check-in items of importance or high value such as jewellery, medicines, documents and other valuables.

To the extent permitted by law Tigerair Australia does not take responsibility for any item lost or damaged on board the aircraft or within the airport terminal buildings. Any items found on board a Tigerair flight will be forwarded to the lost and found offices at the destination airport.

For more information, please refer to the conditions of carriage.

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