Sporting Equipment

Sports equipment as carry-on baggage

Sports equipment can be carried as carry-on baggage as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Does not exceed dimensions of 105cm x 38cm x 23cm
  • Your collective carry-on baggage – including sports equipment – does not weigh more than 7kg (or 12kg if cabin+ has been purchased) and is no more than 2 pieces per person
  • Does not have any sharp edges for safety reasons
  • Anything that can be used as a weapon cannot be taken as carry on ie: golf club, cricket bat, hockey stick

Sports equipment that exceeds these requirements has to be checked–in and is subject to a sports equipment carriage fee, as long as it meets the requirements as stipulated below.

Sports equipment as check-in baggage

At the time of making your booking you will have the choice to add sporting equipment on the booking. If you wish to check-in your sports equipment as baggage, a sports equipment bag fee is levied in addition to standard checked baggage fees. All pricing will be presented to you when making your selection. Sporting equipment may be accepted for carriage as sports equipment baggage if it meets the following requirements:

  • Does not exceed dimensions of 190cm x 60cm x 80cm
  • Does not weigh more than 20kg
  • Is one piece/bag only per fee paid (unless specified otherwise)*

*If you wish to check in more than 3 pieces of sporting equipment per person, please contact our Call Centre to add additional pieces. The sports equipment bag fee is charged per piece, per person, per sector. This is in addition to a combined maximum standard checked luggage allowance of 40kg.

Kindly note that excess baggage fees per kg will be charged at prevailing airport rates if your sports equipment exceeds the sports equipment baggage allowance or piece limit, or you have not pre-purchased sports equipment baggage.

The following sports equipment can be accepted for check-in:

Golf Clubs

Golf equipment, comprising of golf club, balls, umbrella and shoes, should be packed in a protective case.


All bikes must be contained in a protective box or bag. Only one (1) bicycle per box/bag can be checked in per guest. Please ensure tyres are deflated, handle bars must be parallel with the frame, pedals must be detached or aligned with the frame, gears must be wrapped with protective layer.

Fishing equipment

Rods and reels have to be packed in a hard case. Fishing boots, tackle box and landing nets can be packed in a protective bag.

Scuba / Diving equipment

One (1) Set of scuba gear is accepted per passenger. Please ensure cylinders must be emptied (pressure gauge must read zero), tank valve must be opened and diving lamps require prior approval. You are strongly advised to check with the manufacturers beforehand. If they are approved for carriage, the bulb or fuse must be removed and packed separately from the power source.

NOTE: Spear Guns are considered a weapon and therefore cannot be carried on Tigerair aircraft.

Surfboards, snowboards and skis

All boards must be packed in a protective bag. If possible, the fins should be removed and packed properly to prevent damage to the boards. Surfboards, including the surfboard bag, must not exceed 1.9m in length for domestic travel.

Any sports equipment that is not mentioned above will be accepted at the discretion of Tigerair.

Please contact our Call Centre for assistance.

Due to handling complexities and large sizes, some sporting equipment may not be able to go through the baggage handling systems or fit in the aircraft hold. As such, we are unable to accept the following for carriage:

  • Kayak
  • Canoe / Oars
  • Javelins
  • Pole vaults
  • Hang gliders
  • Windsurf boards

You can add sporting equipment, subject to a sports equipment fee and space availability, to your booking at least two (2) hours before departure for domestic travel via Manage my Booking, Web Check-in or the Customer Contact Centre.

To ensure your sports equipment travels with you, we may at times impose a limit on the quantity of sporting equipment pieces we sell and will carry as checked baggage on a flight, to avoid delayed luggage. If sports equipment is not available for purchase when booking due to limited capacity, please contact our Call Centre who can assist further. For guests who purchase a sports equipment allowance at the airport, your sports equipment will be carried on a space available basis.

We do weigh bags and cross reference them according to your allowance at the airport. Please know what you're taking and book it in advance to avoid paying additional fees. If the sporting equipment exceeds the stipulated weight limit, you may be charged excess baggage fees at the airport.

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