Whether you're an aisle person, a window person, or somewhere in between, find out more about our seating below.

How does seat selection work?

Do you love staring out the window during takeoff and watching buildings become tiny while you soar into the clouds? Or maybe you're more of an aisle person, so you can stretch your legs out easily and do some power walking up the aisle to get the blood flowing. Whatever your style, make sure you're not caught sitting where you don't want to be by pre-selecting your seat during booking, or afterwards via manage my booking or by contacting our customer contact centre.

If you choose not to select a seat you'll be assigned one at check-in, and whilst we do our best we can't guarantee your party will be seated together. If you only want to select a seat for one leg of your journey - no problem! You'll have the option to separately select either your inbound and outbound flight, or none at all.

We have different seating options to suit all tastes, so take your pick and have a seat.

Can I select extra legroom?

Customers who would like additional leg room can pay to secure a seat/row with extra legroom. These seats differ depending on which route and aircraft you're flying; be sure to check that if you have selected an extra legroom row that is also an exit row seat you meet the required criteria.

Our Boeing 737-800 aircraft offer extra legroom seats in rows other than exit rows, for those for those who do not meet the specified criteria to be seated in an exit row.

Can I fly in an emergency exit row?

There are certain criteria for customers who wish to select an exit row seat. You must be:

  • Willing to assist in an emergency
  • At least 15 years of age
  • Sufficiently mobile and have strength and dexterity in both arms and legs
  • Able to read and understand instructions in both printed and graphic form
  • Able to understand and respond quickly to oral commands
  • Without any other impairment that in view of the flight attendant may reasonably prevent the passenger from carrying out the required actions in an emergency
  • Not require an extension seat belt
  • Not have a condition or responsibilities such as pregnancy or caring for any dependents including children under the age of 15 years that may prevent them from performing the applicable functions or which may cause the person harm if he or she performs such function

How much is seat selection?

To keep our base airfares as low as we can, some fees will apply if you choose to preselect your seating before you fly. We offer 3 different seating options to suit your seating style, ranging from extra legroom to upfront and standard, and prices range from $4 through to $25 depending on your route and seat type. Prices will be displayed to you during the booking process.

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