tigerair fleet

Our fleet of A320 and 737 aircraft are safe, comfortable and offer some of the most generous seat pitches available among low cost carriers.

Tigerair Australia has built an efficient fleet that enables us to best serve our domestic destinations and continue to offer great value fares to our customers. The Tigerair Australia fleet currently consists of 11 A320 aircrafts and 4 B737 aircrafts, with a progressive transition planned to a wholly 737 fleet over the coming years.


Airbus A320 specifications
Maximum guests 180
Maximum take-off weight 77,000kg
Maximum range 5,700km
Typical cruising speed 828km/h
Maximum fuel capacity 23,858kg
Wing span 34.1m
Overall length 37.6m
Tail height 11.8m
Interior cabin width 3.7m
Extra legroom seats 18


Airbus A320 Seat Map


Boeing 737-800 specifications
Maximum guests 186
Maximum take-off weight 79,015kg
Maximum range 5,449km
Typical cruising speed 833.7km/h
Maximum fuel capacity 26,035L
Wing span (with winglets) 34.3m
Overall length 39.47m
Tail height 12.5m
Interior cabin width 3.4m
Extra legroom seats 36


Boeing 737-800 Seat Map

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