Price Promise

Search and select your flights and we will hold your fare at the price you've selected for 15 minutes, we promise.

What is our Price Promise?
At Tigerair, we promise to hold your fares at the price quoted for 15 minutes so you can fill in your details, add baggage, meals, seats and more, without worrying that someone else will get your seats after all your hard work. The 15 minutes will run from when you reach the select flight page until we have successfully processed your payment.

Our Price Promise is only valid on flights sold directly through

When will your price not be held?
We want everyone to have access to our great value fares, so we do have some restrictions on our Price Promise. To make sure everyone has the opportunity to find our great deals, your price might not be held if:

• You exceed the 15 minute session time
• You make any changes to your search selection for example destination, travel dates or number of passengers
• You re-search the same flights repeatedly
• Your internet connection drops out or you have technical difficulties
• You navigate away from the booking engine
• You exit your internet browser
• You refresh the flight search results
• Tigerair experiences technical difficulties across the entire booking engine, and fares cannot be accessed by anyone