Fool Child

Track: Dance on your own

Blending the ethereal soundscapes of indie-folk with the light-hearted clutter of surf-rock, Fool Child's dreamy tones walk the tightrope between meaningful and playful. Think: Angus Stone vocals splattered on a Foals-inspired backdrop, frolicking around on stage akin to a troupe of trouble-makers. The four-piece are unashamed about their wide-range of influences and entice their listeners with this amalgamation of genre, alongside their raucous live show.

The original members, Scott Harrison and Matthew Green, chance-met whilst travelling and, upon discovering a mutual appreciation for dad jokes and uncannily similar music tastes, set sail for the Melbourne shores. Originally a duo, Fool Child honed their sound busking in Australia's cultural capital, but with their sights set on reaching wider audiences and with growing intrigue from the global blogosphere, the boys decided to expand the band adding Hannah Jackson on drums, and Callum-Fitzpatrick on bass. Expect a seriously not-so-serious performance live, with the members humouring one another on stage whilst reeling you in with their catchy choruses and sporadically organised beats.

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