Track: Stay

My name's Johniepee, I'm 25 and based in Sydney by way of Perth, Western Australia!

My journey has been crazy, from starting rapping in 2015 to being put on a nationwide tour with Bliss N Eso and getting features and amazing wraps from the biggest artists in the country (Drapht, 360)

My debut E.P 'Bigger Things' managed to reach #10 on the international Hip-Hop charts on release day through word of mouth only!

Late last year I managed to get onto the 'All Aussie Hip Hop' playlist on Spotify which has been a major goal of mine which boosted my single 'Stay' and 'Thank God for The Radio' through the roof.

I would describe my style as honest, raw and fun, I like to be heartfelt with my music but also make people smile and as long as I'm doing that I'm happy.

The main single I've attached is my most popular at the moment called 'Stay' which I wrote for a friend of mine who was dealing with some really dark times in her life, the bridge of this song is the text message I sent her which she later told me pulled her back from the edge and saved her life.

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